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стандарт породы "Белая швейцарская овчарка"

White Swiss Shepherd


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- News -

Our papillon puppies are 7 weeks old. We have new pics at the puppies page


5 weeks


19 of December were born our first papillon puppies from our lovely Samba and excellent male PAPPLEWICK PIGEON POST. More information look at the puppies page


We have next one excellent new Trajet Dew Pearl - has passed OKD - first degree!!! (OKD is russian's obidience analogue)


some good news from our child Teri Bright Girl

  • 16.05.2010 in Kaluga Teri was Best junior and Best of Breed!!! (judge - Patrina)

  • 13.06.2010 in Obninsk - Best junior! (judge - Chistyakova)!

  • In Jule Teri get the Junior Champion of Russia diploma!

  • First show in intermdiat class and RKF champion, Best of Breed!!! Judge - A. Nikitin!

  • 16.10.2010 "Russia 2010" - and Best female of Breed!!! And with that - Champion of Russia!!!



National dog-show "Autumn kaleidoscope" in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskii, Russia
judge - O. N. Lashkova

  • Tango Snow Quenn - excellent-1, JСАС, CW,  Best female, Best of Breed, BIG-1!!! Tango is Junior Champion of Russia!!! You can look new photos in her album



Republic dog-show in Grodno, Belarus
judge - Matsei Kozber (Poland)

  • Trajet Dew Pearl - excellent-1, САС, CW,  Best female, Best of Breed, BIG-1!!! Trajet - Champion of Belarus!!!


All puppies from our U-litter have new owners and homes!



International dog-show CACIB in Habarovsk
judge - Irina Azen (Belarus)



Republic dog-show in Lida, Belarus
judge - O. Goncharik (Ukraina)


24 - 25.07.2010

National dog-show "Kamchatska's Gold Summer 2010" in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskii, Russia
judge - M. G. Ostrovskaya



we have puppies again!!! seven incredible puppies were born in our home from our SELERIJA AHSEL SANDIDA and amazing dog DIUKE LA BLANKAPILIO. Puppies first pictures You can look at their page "PUPPIES"



IX.FCI group speciality dog-show in Riga, Latvia
judge - J. Sill, Estonia



I.FCI group speciality dog-show in Riga, Latvia
judge - Irina Azen, Belarus


Excellent news from Belarus!!! Trajet Dew Pearl - is Junior Champion of Belarus!!!

National dog-show "Cup of Baranovichi-2010"
Judge - Zhuk A.

Гродно Республиканская выставка всех пород


Bringing some results, we by right can be proud of following results of our children:



regional dog-show in Tula, Russia;
judge - Krakovskaya L. V.


regional dog-show in Tula, Russia;
judge - Ovsyannikova J. V.


regional dog-show in Grodno, Belarus
judge - Abrozovskii


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